Big Picture Shenanigans

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From “The Big Picture: On the Origins of Life, Meaning, and the Universe Itself” by Sean Carroll –

“By themselves, those particles and forces don’t have the capability of supporting the psychic phenomena that so fascinated my twelve-year-old self. More important, we know that there aren’t new particles or forces out there yet to be discovered that would support them. Not simply because we haven’t found them yet, but because we definitely would have found them if they had the right characteristics to give us the requisite powers. We know enough to draw very powerful conclusions about the limits of what we can do”

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Fantasy Funding

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The NASA Astrobiology Institute is wasting over a million dollars on make-believe nonsense.


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Pomplamoose has become one of my favorite musical acts.  I like how they use jazz and old-school musical instruments.  Nataly’s voice is wonderful to my ears.  This is one of their many songs.  Their covers are great also.   

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